The Cairn

The Cairn is situated in Greencastle, Inishowen, Co. Donegal and since opening in 1999 it has proved to be a popular tourist attraction for coach tours, school groups and day trippers.

Owned and managed by singer/songwriter Patsy Cavanagh, The Cairn is noted for its warm welcome to all who visit.


Through the Ages Display

From the Celts to the recent past, see and hear of the way of life at other times in our history.

Incorporating the use of life size figures, miniature countryside and housing to provide the visitor with a virtual walk through time,this is a wonderful experience for children and adults alike.

Early settlers to the Celts: From the clearing of the land to the wisdom of the Celts experience how each new people contributed to the formation of our land.

Christianity to the Vikings:From the first missionaries to the Battle of Clontarf, Hear the story of the early monks,the first Viking invaders and the terror that they caused.

See the layout of the Viking town and learn how to read the runestone.
The Plantation to The Famine: One of the saddest periods in a troubled history,when thousands upon thousands died of disease and hunger and this coupled with emigration led to the population of Ireland being reduced by almost a half.

Learn of the Battering Ram and the booley house

In the early 1900s Moville Bay was the anchorage for the American bound liners and emigrants from all over Donegal and Northern Ireland sailed down the Foyle on their journey to America.

Listen as “Bridget” relates her experience of leaving Moville in the mid 1920s

The Cairn Theatre Group Summer Musical

“Famines, Feasts and Folly”

Patsy Cavanagh

every Tuesday evening
at 8.30

(July to end of September)

A visitor finds her romantic view of Ireland is put to the test as she is transported back in time to observe the devastation of the mid 1800s, the American wake,

the men who built Englands motorways, the heartbreak of the Northern Ireland troubles, the Celtic Tiger and its aftermath

A highly enjoyable evening is guaranteed as Irelands past is relived through Music, Song, Humour and Irish Dance

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The Cairn Visitor Centre, Greencastle on: – 074 93 81104.
International Code: – 00 353
Address:-Drumaweir, Greencastle, Co. Donegal, Ireland.
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